Friday, May 15, 2009

Musim mengawan

Musim mengawan telah tiba..

I get a lot of wedding invitation, from friends, relatives dan ramai lagi la..furthermore school holiday is around the corner. but the good thing is my best friends ajid and syed sudah selamat bernikah last week and last 2 weeks. congratz to them. and not to forget fakizah yg selamat berkawin ngan Reza. sempat aku pegi semua majlis. cuma majlis ajid which is this weekend n syed will be next weekend at shah alam.

tadi baru lepas tgk video nikah ajid kat laptop adik dia. cara terengganu nikah plak berbeza, tak perlu sebut pun nama wanita yg dinikahi.. mudah dan ringkas.. tabik utk syed and ajid pasal dorang ni sekali je.. hebat!!!! jgn nakal2 mcm zaman korang bujang dulu.. aku lain laa..lambat lagi nak kawin.. calon pun takdak..duit pun takdak..

talking about marriage, now its become trend kawin-cerai. yg lagi dasyat, bini pun dah pandai pasang anak ikan laa konon kat luar. for those guy yg buat affair ngan bini org, korang ni tak malu ke.. punya la ramai anak dara kat luar tu.. tu blum cite laa kalu suami yg buat affair pasal mmg dah ramai kan.. dan trend skang ni yg bujang mmg cari bini org, anak dara cari laki org..

aku pun bukan perfect, n aku pun blum kawin. aku doa2 aku takmo laa jadi mcm tu. eheheh.. kalu nak kawin je dua..ehehehehhe..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Congratz to University of Southampton and UTM

I feel so proud with my universities achievement. both got top 100. University of Southampton got 99 for top 100 world universities.

99= PURDUE University United States
99= University of SOUTHAMPTON United Kingdom

dan universiti yg aku belajar ketika diploma pun tak kurang hebat.. dapat 82 for top 100 Asia universities..

82= KYUNGPOOK National University Korea, South
82= Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Malaysia

SALUTE to all lecturers, student and university workers.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Forgotten Rock

Have u ever wish to forget something??

how i wish to sit on Forgotten Rock and can forget about something in split second. hahahaha..

talking about the Rock.. the pic above was taken by me in Alhambra Palace at Granada. such magnificient built from Muslim peoples long time ago..

but now? apa yang tinggal? palace? kerajaan Islam? all gone because of the Muslim themself.

and now its seem happen in my country Malaysia, fight among Muslim brothers just to regain the power. adus.. apa nak jadi?

wake up laa.. come on. jangan diperkudakan oleh bangsa dan agama lain.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone

Liverpool also known as The Red. Why I become fan on this so called League title-drought team for over 19 years?? its not becos of how many they won 1st League (they never win Premiership before). or how many they won UCL ( yeah they keep that Cup in their museum..real UCL cup). Its about the passion of the team and their fans. Their chant such as YNWA, Field of Anfield Road, Liverbird upon my crest and Torres bounce song.

And yeah they make the Anfield stadium nightmare for visitor team. Since the tunnel show 'This is Anfield', the song YNWA before kick off. The KOP stand which is never quiet and phscyo the visitor team.

Not saying that the bench which is surround by Liverpool fan. All bench sit is not from recaro because Liverpool not pamper their players. They have job to do and it is play a football.

Same goes to Selangor (my lovely hometown team). The most success team in Malaysia. Eventhough the SSA not full pack but the atmosphere still can give nerves for opponent teams.

And yeah, we win FA cup for 5th times. Make us the team who win most Malaysia FA cup. Hail to Selangor and Liverpool.
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