Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Floccinaucinihilipilification -"the act of describing something as worthless, or making something to be worthless"

yes..its a word.. first time i heard this word is in talk show Qi at BBC. The woman tried to guess what word did Thomas Edison created. she said Floccinaucinihilipilification. which is wrong. Thomas Edison was created other word that we use almost every day. HELLO. simple isnt it?

I dont want to talk about HELLO (maybe later). Today I want to talk about Floccinaucinihilipilification. 29 letters and it is one of the longest non-technical word in Oxford dictionary.

how to spell it?? mudah saje..

bunyi ye..

Flokinokinihilipilificashen. tu sebutan melayu ye la.. ehehehhe...

From wikipedia.. this word made from 4 short words:

* flocci facere (from floccus, -i a wisp or piece of wool)
* nauci facere (from naucum, -i a trifle)
* nihili facere (from nihil, -i nothing; something valueless (lit. "not even a thread" from ni+hilum))
* pili facere (from pilus, -i a hair; a bit or a whit; something small and insignificant)

all of these 4 words show something that worthless, small and valueless..
I guess we can start to practice using this word from now on.

kalau Karam Singh Walia plak:

Ibarat kambing gurun menanduk gunung, gunung tak runtuh, tanduk yg pantah.

okie...but the longest word in dictionary is


45 letters..something related to medic description. so i assume it is in technical word group kot.

but my choice for today still


Sunday, July 13, 2008

32nd Bon Odori 2008

Wow!!! its been 2 years since I last updated my blog... lamanya...
okie..keep it short..I'll try to update my blog, since I'm working now, and have a time during night.

Last Saturday, there was Japanese Festival Bon Odori held at Mashushita Stadium, Section 21, Shah Alam. The gate was opened at 5pm at the opening ceremonies which was drum performance started at 7pm.


Check out this free fan.

A lot of japanese food including sushi, takoyaki and japanese ice cream were sell in this festival.

The main event is Bon Odori dance. Mereka akan menari dalam bulatan dgn mengikut tarian tertentu. Sungguh menarik dan simple je tarian tu. Ramai orang yang ikut menari sama. Ramai gak yg pakai yukata masa hari tu. Thanks to my friend, Marina yang ajak pegi Bon Odori Festival.


Lihat uncle ini, he was trying to sell chicken burger (I guess. Suasana macam dlm drama jepun bila dorang trying so hard to sell stuff. Cara dorang cukup menarik dan sopan.

Is'nt she so cute? Penat parent die layan org ramai yg amik pic anak die.. but for sure their daughter is so damn cute. Tembam, rasa mcm nak cubit pipi tu.

You can see the rest of pictures in my fotopages

I guess thats all mate.

See you in my next post.
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